Indian Pumps & Valves

Pumps & Valves segment contributes significantly to the growth of Indian economy. They have proved highly critical in productivity of the core sectors of the economy. The Pumps & Valves sector has a net value addition ratio in manufacturing of over 20 per cent.  India already exports Pumps & Valves worth over US$ 1.55 billion, serving various engineering segments, to over 100 countries. The exports in this segment are growing at a healthy rate of around 10-12 per cent annually. Additionally the Indian market is already worth over Rs 5,000 crore (US$ 780 million) in pumps & Rs 4,500 crore (US$ 700 million) in valves. India is already selling & supporting niche scientific & engineering technologies to developed economies in areas such as in aerospace engineering, auto components, biotechnology etc.

Today India has attained near self-sufficiency in Pumps for Nuclear Power, complete self-sufficiency in captive power generation, pulp & papers, energy efficient pumps in utilities & in agriculture sector.  Considerable manufacturing segment of this sector is focusing on catering latest application in Bio-Pharma field, such as of Infusion Pumps.

Given the fact that among ‘machineries’, pumps are said to be produced and used in largest numbers, second only to electric motors. The overall scenario in Indian economy also favours growth & development in Indian Pumps & Valves industry, thereby opening huge potential of international collaborations.

Key Strengths

  • Net value addition ratio in manufacturing of over 20 per cent
  • Exports to over 100 countries
  • Domestic market worth over Rs 5,000 crore (US$ 780 million) in pumps & Rs 4,500 crore (US$ 700 million) in valves
  • Complying with highest quality systems requirements – ISO 9000, ANSI, API or EUNO series

Growth Opportunities

  • Investment demands from infrastructure, energy, manufacturing & real estate is expected to sustain in medium to long term. The Government support to boost economic development is also expected to provide an attractive avenue for the Pumps & Valves industry.
  • Urbanisation is expected to cater 70 per cent of the India’s US$ 15 trillion projected GDP by 2030. This entails Pumps & Valves for urban construction such as residential and commercial utilities & buildings will witness sustained demand over considerable period of time.
  • Investments in infrastructure that includes electricity, roads, ports, irrigation, water supply and
  • sanitation is alone targeted with US$ 1 trillion investments by 2017. The private sector is encouraged to execute large projects on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis.
  • The Government of India is encouraging technology development & transfer to enable small scale sector enter into high-tech areas such as aerospace, defense & manufacturing etc with a view to enhance competitiveness and offer advanced technology solutions.
  • The domestic utilities and agriculture sector is also expected to witness sustained demand for Pumps & Valves.
  • Indian companies are increasingly looking for international partnerships for entering technology collaborations and foreign markets.
  • Large number of small scale sector players has created price sensitive offerings as an alternative to costly solutions by large players.

Brand India Engineering – Pumps & Valves

Brand India Engineering campaign launched by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India aims at creating true brand value in international markets for Indian engineering products & services. It is expected to catapult India’s status in engineering capabilities, by highlighting India’s competitiveness, credibility & service commitments in engineering sector.

India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a Trust established by the Department of Commerce and EEPC India, an apex national body representing engineering industry, is steering the campaign in coordination with national associations & industry stakeholders in the Pumps & Valves sector.

The Indian Pumps & Valves has created place of its own that is worth exemplification. This is what the Brand India Engineering endeavours to promote.

Industry Clusters


Few major Pumps & Valves industry clusters are:

  1. Coimbatore
  2. Belgaum
  3. Batala & Jalandhar
  4. Kolhapur
  5. Rajkot
  6. Ahmedabad
  7. Hyderabad


Quality Certifications

Complying with highest quality systems requirements, whether it is ISO 9000, ANSI, API or EUNO series, the Indian Industry emulates some of the best technologies and applications of Pumps & Valves. For instance, ISRO successfully installed Fuel Booster Turbo Pump its indigenously developed & successfully launched Cryogenic Engine, besides India already operates the world’s best performing space rockets ‘PSLVs’ on Fuel Booster Turbo Pumps technologies. In the field of applications, Indian Pumps & Valves have contributed in making some Indian Oil refineries and especially Reliance refinery among top 5 per cent global ranks in Energy Efficient Index of Shell Benchmarks. As a consequence of these and many more advanced achievements, better & planned implementation of socio-economic development is further enhancing the scope in the sector.

Following are the few international standards that are being followed by the selected companies for this campaign.

Quality Standards in Pumps & Valves Industry
Sr No.StandardStandard No.
1ISOISO 9001:2008


ISO 9001:14001
ISO 9001:2008 TUV NORD
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 2858
ISO 5199
ISO 14001:2004
API 610 6th,, 8th , 10th edition
API 674 2nd edition
API 682
API 609
API 607
10DINDIN 24255
DIN 24256
13OHSASOHSAS 18001:2007
17UL & UR
23ENEN 12756
24SILSIL – 3
26PNPN 10
PN 16
27BSBS 10
31SSSS – 304/316
36ISIS 14420

*1 Standard Chartered Super Cycle Report

International Recognition

There are several globally well-accepted products from India. Like vertical execution multi-stage multi-outlet (MSMO) pumps, lowest life cycle cost (LLC) pumps and concrete volute (CV) pumps. Lowest life cycle pumps are in high international demand especially due to sustained energy efficiency over longer period and lowest pump maintenance cost.  MSMO pumps are well suited for high rise urban development projects for saving valuable space. Concrete Volute products are very good & cost effective in handling large volumes of water. Other important products offered are latest solar centrifugal pumps & solar power conditioning units that has proved its potential in saving millions of units of electricity annually. Specialised valves for handling powders and abrasive fluids and highly energy efficient actuators.

Energy efficient systems and Intelligent Process Equipment Systems are being integrated in such manner so as to meet international demands and retain cost effectiveness for domestic industrial and infrastructural goals. Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, a global renowned brand, created a world record in assembling pumps in 17.25 seconds at the shop-floor.

Government Initiatives

Government of India has envisaged installation of 1,00,000 solar water pumps for irrigation and drinking water purposes across the country. Indian Pumps & Valves sector has uniquely positioned itself to cater global quality solutions emerging from installations, upgradation or replacement needs.

Promoting and developing small scale sector is under priority focus of India’s industrial policy. Small scale sectors forms the largest employment generator sector in India and earns the significant share in exports revenue in the country. The small scale sector is the backbone of Indian engineering sector. Indian small scale enterprises avail seamless benefits of technology upgradation and absorption through Government funded R&D collaborations like SiTarc, Coimbatore, SIEMA, CSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology etc.

Creating equitable development opportunities and promotion of International trade has been an integral embodiment & very foundation of India’s cultural & socioeconomic system. Until the end of 16th century, India led the world in international trade & provided shelter to busiest trade routes. Assimilation of our traditional & universal approach of equitable opportunities & development for all has led India to become a leading example for emerging economies to emulate. The usage served by Pumps & Valves are deeply attached to the foundation of predominantly agricultural economy of India, and it is playing a critical role in building balanced all round development of the one of the largest emerging economies. Pumps & Valves are one of the most successful equipment what India has to offer to forge a partnership focusing on all round & balanced development of various economic sectors.