Top Pump & Valve Manufacturers in India

Brand India Engineering and its member companies are actively participating to transform India's Pump and Valve industry. Join us, collaborate with peers and benefit from the Make in India advantage.

India offers many competitive advantages to international investors in terms of manufacturing costs, value addition, domestic demand, incentives (tax, export and area-based incentives), talent and technology, and export potential.

Did you know that:

  • After the launch of Make in India initiative in September 2014, India has emerged as the fastest growing major economy
  • The Indian Pump & Valve Industry offers one of the highest net value additions (20%-plus)
  • India's Pump & Valve Industry is growing at an annual CAGR (~10%) - which is higher than the global CAGR (~6%)
  • India's domestic pump and valve market is growing at a healthy rate of 16-18% per annum
  • India offers excellent growth opportunities for international collaborations
  • India exports pumps and valves to 100+ countries

About the Pump & Valve Manufacturers Listed on This Page

The Pump and Valve manufacturers listed on this page are a part of the Brand India Engineering campaign. They were shortlisted via an institutional mechanism and meet a minimum level of manufacturing standards - such as ISO, ASME, API, ANSI, BSI, BIS, CE, DIN, IEC, OHSAS - as well as other leading global standards.

This page is being regularly updated to include more Pump and Valve companies from India - along with detailed profiles - so do visit this page frequently for more information.

Company Profiles - What You Will See

  • An overview section (including products manufactured)
  • Company profile at-a-glance (including certifications, sectors of interest, etc.)
  • Company history
  • Company milestones
  • Board of Directors
  • Contact information such as:
    • Website
    • Company Address
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Email IDs