Products Manufactured: PTFE Sleeved Plug Valve , PFA/FEP Lined Plug Valve, PFA/FEP Lined ball valve, PFA/FEP Lined Check Valve, PFA/FEP Lined Sight Glass valve, V notch control ball valve.
ITC number: 8481
Technical specifications: our MOC standard will be DI/WCB/CF8/CF8M/A20/ CD4MCU/CF3M/CF3 and special alloy like Hastelloy B and C, (Inconel) – CZ 100,904L ... etc meeting all international standards ANSI, PN10, PN16, BS 10 etc.,
Certifications: IISO 9001:2008, CE, CRN, EIL
Sectors of interest: Asia, Usa, South America, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UK, Africa, Iraq & Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia

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